October 6
Thank you Steve Jobs.

Yesterday the world lost one of the great innovators of today's technological world, Steve Jobs.

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, Steve was one of the key pioneers that helped bring computers into our homes, our phones, and everywhere in between.

For a long time, computers have been an integral part of my life. Growing up, I cut my tech-teeth on a Commodore 64. I then moved on to a PC and a couple years ago I bought my first Mac.

You can tell when using Apple products that a special care goes into them. The user experience is something that is truly unparralled.

I just wanted to say thank you to Steve Jobs. Your life and your work was one that changed the world for the better.


October 1
ElectricKarma.ca now online

Electric Karma, a band from Toronto Ontario, contacted me to design and develop their website. For more info about the design, click a thumbnail to the right. To visit the website, click on the address below.

August 15
ArkayicRevolt.com redesign

Just finished redesigning Arkayic Revolt's website, a thrash metal band from London, Ontario

The new design features 'themes', which allows the viewer to choose which style to view the site in, by switching stylesheets. Fonts were also embeded into the pages using @Font-Face

jQuery scripts were also used, which add a scalable full size image background, streaming audio player, and photo galleries to the site.

The wallpapers page features JavaScript, which detects the viewer's screen resolution, and searches the database of wallpapers to find if a match is available. If a match is found, the appropriate wallpaper is linked in an easy to find section, just below each thumbnail. The wording on the page is also dynamic as to weather a match was found or not.

Please check the site out at the link below!

July 19
Bit of a redesign

Been working on some typography exercises, learning how to embed fonts (so nice to step outside the 8 web-safe fonts!). Also gave the website a bit of a facelift, trying to step out of my comfort zone and design something different. Feedback is always appreciated. Leave a message on facebook or through the contact page. Thanks.


March 24
Eye Sickle Media website redesign

Welcome to the newly redesigned eyesickle.com!

Being in the business of designing media means keeping a finger on the pulse of current design trends, as well as keeping advances in technology, in mind. Our new site design features a modern look and feel, with background photos taken from around the downtown area, in London Ontario.

From the tech side of things, the site has been designed to optimize the real estate of the viewer's screen, with background images that scale to fill in the extra space no matter what the screen resolution or window size.

We are currently accepting new clients, so if you have any design needs, feel free to look at our portfolio to see examples of our work, or send us any questions you may have on our contact page.

You can also find us on facebook and twitter at facebook.com/eyesicklemedia or twitter.com/Mike_Sickle . Or simply check out the social media window at the bottom of this page.



January 29
Woods of Ypres T-Shirt Design

Earache Records recording artist 'Woods of Ypres' contacted us for a custom t-shirt design for their appearance at the Heart of Winter festival in Richmond, Virgina.

Artwork by Travis Smith, from their winter themed album 'Woods 3: The Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues', was used to go along with the theme of the festival.

Click on the thumbnail to the right to view details of the design.

January 7
Yetiagency.com now online

The Yeti Agency, based out of London Ontario Canada, is a management company for underground Canadian bands of many different genres. When hearing that Al "The Yeti" Bones was starting up a management company, I showed him examples of my work. Al knew that with my past involvement in underground music, that I would be able to design something that musicians would like and would be able to relate to.

To check out the website, click on one of the thumbnails on the right, or the link below.

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